Visualise Ideas

- drag, drop, design, visualise and share within minutes

Floor plans

Exhibition Stands

Office Planning

Classroom Planning






  • Design in 2D or 3D

  • Visualise on the screen or with Google VR headset

  • Easily share plans with anyone

  • Invite others to join live presentations of your plans

  • Have your own app with logo and branding

  • Insert your own objects, kitchens, bathrooms and furnitures

  • Upload your own templates on your website

  • We provide fully managed services


Use drag & drop objects to quickly reflect your design ideas into computer graphics that you can share with others. The app supports 2D and 3D design modes and there is a vast variety of objects such as floors, walls, materials, furnitures and lights that you can use.


Virtually walk inside your design in photorealistic environments, look around and get a real feeling of depth, size and lighting. If you have a Cardboard VR headset, you can insert your phone in the headset and enjoy the Virtual Reality experience inside your own designed world.


Easily share your work with others by email or just a web link. You can share your designs on your website, Facebook or any other social network by using hyperlinks. Anyone can open shared designs by using any Web Browser or by downloading the ShapeVisual app for IOS or Android.

Remotely Present

If you are excited about your design, you can become a presenter and ask others to join you as viewers from any location in the world. You can then remotely walk your viewers through your plan, modify it in realtime while they are watching and discuss your ideas with them on the phone.